About Us

Industry veterans, Jim McGinness and Mark Osborn formed RCM Media in 2008 with a vision to become leaders of In-Theatre Marketing and Concession Promotions. Driven by innovation, cross marketing and customer relationships, the company has been working closely ever since with all the major movie studios and theater chains in the US and Canada to introduce exciting new immersive programs and collectible products that enhance the Movie Going Experience.

Over the last twelve years, RCM has continued to establish itself as the premier agency in its industry through the development and introduction of new innovative ideas that include popular movie branded 3D collectible concession products and engaging AR lobby experiences

Studio Partners

A History of RCM’s Innovation and Growth Include:

  • 2009

    On Screen Animated Concession Spots

    Builds awareness for upcoming feature films and drive movie going patrons to the concession stand.

  • 2010

    Kid’s Speedpack Combo

    This unique patented product has been very successful in North America. Geared to children, it holds Popcorn, Small Candy, a Movie Graphic Collector Cup and a Collectible Toy Figurine on the top.

  • 2014

    2D Collectible Concession Products

    • 44-ounce Slim Line In-Mold Label Collector Cup
    • 170-ounce Square Collector Popcorn Tub to the Worldwide marketplace.
  • 2018

    3D Collectible Concession Products

    RCM introduced premium 3D collectible concession products into the US market and retained exclusivity for the Marvel and Star Wars brands.

  • 2019
    • Received “Vendor of the Year” award at the Geneva Convention.
    • RCM LIVE: RCM introduced its new RCM Live Services, to expand its In-Theater marketing capabilities to include FIVE KEY touchpoints:
      1. Collectible Concession Merchandising
      2. In-Theater Augmented Realty – Partnered with Fuze Viewer to create immersive AR in-lobby experiences triggered by concession products, POS and movie posters.
      3. On-Screen Animated Concession Spots
      4. Digital Interactive Kiosks and Lobby Monitors – Rollout of National network of interactive digital kiosks and lobby monitors.
      5. Digital Animated Menu Boards and POS Materials. Providing in-house creative production services to produce:
        • High-end animated concession spots for:
          1. Menu Boards
          2. Lobby Monitors
          3. Lobby Monitors
        • Designs, prints and fulfillment of high impact Point-of-Sale material to help merchandise all studio promotions.